Monthly Archives: November 2006

Some Admin Notes

If you want to post comments to this site, you will need to register with WordPress. We have to do it this way to stop spam.

All of our OTHERWISE workshoppers will be made contributors so they can post blog entries – leave your comment below or e-mail us and we’ll get your status sorted!

Unless you are a contributor, don’t expect your comment to appear immediately – again, to prevent spam, all comments will need to be approved first.

If you have any admin questions, ask away!


Welcome to OTHERWISE

Welcome to our new website as we enter a new and very exciting phase of our project!

The first of our current round of youth workshops runs today – so we’ll soon have our first batch of amazing young Australians – from the ACT – posting here about what they are up to, seeking advice on projects and resources to help them, sharing their thoughts on sustainability, consumption, social change, and whatever else!

Over the next 6 months we are aiming to run another 4-6 youth workshops in the ACT and 2 other communities, which will add to this online network and fledgling community. We have plans to take OTHERWISE to another 4 communities late in 2007 … and then who knows!

Our vision is for communities all around Australia with active hubs of youth led networks working towards greater sustainability. These networks will meet face to face and use this space here – online – to connect with other individual and networks around the country!

We look forward to working with you to make that a reality!