Climate Change Australian E-newsletter

With so many developments regarding the issue of climate change it is worth pointing out that there is a free e-list to which people can freely subscribe.

The e-list is called e-Carbon News. See the November issue on (

See Archive of Past Issues on

“eCarbon News is a free monthly emailed digest of news from around the world relevant to climate change, which has been running for over 6 years. It includes sections on Kyoto, emissions and policy; energy; sequestration; climate and climate change; and trading, economics and tax. Subscribers include people involved in international, national, state and local policy development, scientific research, natural resource management, industry, non-government agencies, service provision and consultancy, and others interested in climate change, impacts, amelioration and adaptation.”

The eCarbon elist is hosted on a new Australian Climate Forum web site, with support from The Australian National University, Treesmart and the Natural Edge Project.

People can subscribe through this Australian Climate Forum web site.

After running for over 6 years the list has many loyal subscribers already. Members subscribed include people from business, research and educational institutions, and government institutions all around the world. People have subscribed for many years now from major institutions like the UNFCCC, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the UN Development Programme, the United Nations itself, US government agencies, New Zealand government, UK government, Japanese government. 204 subscribers from agencies of Australian governments (federal, state and local).

We also have subscribers from agencies which influence policy (or try to): California Climate Action Registry, European Business Council for Sustainable Energy, World Energy Council, World Conservation Union, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, International Energy Agency, Northwest Council on Climate Change and the Ford Foundation, among others.

Plus the list already has subscribers from Portugal, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Papua New Guinea, Denmark, Austria, South Africa, France, Costa Rico, Hungary, Netherlands, Canada, Solomon Islands, Brazil, Switzerland, UK, New Zealand, Uruguay, Indonesia, Senegal, Romania, India, Greece, Singapore, Italy, Thailand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Colombia, Paraguay, Norway, Panama, Ireland, China, Maxico, Turks Caicos Islands, Belgium, Malaysia, russia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Malta, Czech Republic and Lativa.

This is what people have been saying about this free monthly e-list”

“I think that you are doing a great job with the Newsletter. It is the best synthesis of various news items from a wide variety of sources and I look forward to my monthly email.”- Dr David Karoly, Williams Chair and Professor of Meteorology School of Meteorology, National Weather Center University of Oklahoma

“eCarbon News will keep you on top of the latest developments with what can only be called an exhaustive monthly digest of climate change news from around the world. From promising new technologies and upcoming conferences to the latest scientific studies and diplomatic initiatives, eCarbon News has it all in a summary of coverage that’s the most complete we’ve ever seen on the subject.” ~ US household product manufacturer: Seventh Generation

“eCarbon News ( from the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting is an outstanding resource, from which CSIRO CLIMATE News shamelessly plunders.” – CSIRO’s Mandy Hopkins published in CSIRO ECOS magazine 11 march 2005


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