Hi there!

Hey everyone, This is my first blog on the site, which by the way looks fantastic, thanks to Cameron for all his hard work! I am Julia, the project officer for the ACT Youth for Leadership in Sustainable Consumption project. I am 21 years old, live in O’Connor in the ACT, study Arts at ANU full time, ride my bike round town, and like thinking about and living sustainably (where I can!), and hope to learn alot more while I work in this position! At the moment I have been busy setting up the round of sustainable workshops for young Canberrans aged 15-25 that we are running from the 29th November until 13th December 2006, including trying to organise a site visit to some local ACT sustainable projects. I am looking forward to using the site to upload new information, see what others are up to in their quests to live sustainably, and stay in touch with all of our workshoppers and others who are interested.Remember: If you have any questions about the project, the site, or anything else, contact me on julia@cet.org.au, or (02) 6257 6321. Cheers Julia Collin


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