A final thought on Xmas gifts


Ever had that feeling when shopping for Christmas gifts, that the whole store is just a garbage dump in the making? Or that it will take a whole new power plant to keep all the electronics running? Christmas shopping can be depressing enough, especially as you get down to the wire, so my suggestion is that you start with a values check, and then shop proactively.Our recommendation this year is that we all put an E.N.D to waste, by shopping for gifts that are ENERGY EFFICIENT, NATURAL, and DURABLE.

Before you hit the stores, here’s three key questions to ask yourself:
1. Are there gifts that reflect conservation values?
2. Are there options that better reflect conservation values?
3. Can I offset the environmental impact of a gift?

Ideally, we are all shopping locally, buying locally-made or fair-trade products, and focussing on quality, long-lasting gifts that will have special meaning. The reality is, we all have wish lists to fill. My son wants LEGO, my daughter wants a sled. Not much choice in the LEGO, but with the sled we are shopping around for an alternative to the cheap plastic toboggans that wear out in a couple of months and wind up in the garbage.


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