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ACT otherwise group meeting/picnic

Our first group of sustainable workshoppees is having their first group meeting and social catch up for 2007 this Saturday 3rd February from 5:00-6:30pm in Lennox Gardens situated on Flynn Dr next to the Hyatt hotel).

If you would like to meet our enthusiastic sustainable change agents and hear about the projects they have planned for the
Canberra community in 2007 then please come along and bring a plate to share.  In keeping with our groups sustainability theme why not source your food from a local source to minimize the carbon emissions needed to transport it, and try to minimize packaging so that our event is waste free. Bring a picnic rug, your own cutlery, plates/cups and a spare bag or two, so that we can take away all waste (hopefully there won’t be much!) to be recycled/composted/disposed or responsibly (and to take home your eating utensils to wash them….) 

If you need help finding us contact project officer Julia Collin on 0401590789.


New Resources Online Now

3 new resources have been uploaded to the Take Action page:

1. A podcast about the emergence of green consumption in Australia from Catapult

2. An Action Brief on skip dipping or urban gleaning

3. An Action Brief on mobile phones

Check ’em out!

As always, you can post comments and additional things you think should be included in the comments section …

Big Day Out Goes Carbon Neutral for 2007!

Clean & Green – BDO Statement

29th December 2006

Re: Big Day Out Carbon Neutral Press release

This announcement is a little different as it takes the Big Day Out into new territory.

For some time now many at the Big Day Out have been uncomfortable because the gigantic scale of the show churns through resources with too little consideration of the effect on the environment.

We feel that we cannot continue with a  “business as usual” approach any more.

Greenhouse gasses are causing irreparable climate change and endangering the
future of our civilization.

During the course of 2006 we have conducted two audits of our energy usage and are now in a position to understand the Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with presenting the show.

The scope of the work was to determine all of the energy specific activities associated with putting on the show and take responsibility for them ourselves.

In this way we feel we will be setting the best example for audience members
and others to make decisions about their own impact.

We are happy to announce that the Big Day Out will be adopting a “Carbon Neutral”  emissions footprint for the 2007 show.

We have engaged CO2 Australia Limited (an accredited NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement certificate Provider) to ensure that the Big Day Out Greenhouse Gas emissions are mitigated by carbon sequestration using long term Malee Eucalyptus tree plantation.

As things currently stand we have opted for tree plantation because it creates jobs, has sound conservation benefits, reduces soil salinity and improves farm viability in marginal areas as well as converting Greenhouse gas CO2 to oxygen for us to breath and hopefully slowing down the polar meltdown amongst other things.

It seems that our future welfare is now interdependent like never before so
lets learn to live together and to respect our environment and then get back
to the party!

Viv Lees
Ken West

Ps. Thanks to all those who assisted in moving this along including John Butler, Christopher Coe, Andrea Gaffney(BP Solar), Jody McGann(BP Global Choice), Gavin McFadzean (Wilderness Society), Ashley Shilkin(CO2 Australia), Katrina McBeath, Jeremy Gordon, Merve McCasker, Donna Lorenz(Earth Tech).

A funky new twist for an important message

Check out this short 4 minute remix of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” with some great music.