ACT otherwise group meeting/picnic

Our first group of sustainable workshoppees is having their first group meeting and social catch up for 2007 this Saturday 3rd February from 5:00-6:30pm in Lennox Gardens situated on Flynn Dr next to the Hyatt hotel).

If you would like to meet our enthusiastic sustainable change agents and hear about the projects they have planned for the
Canberra community in 2007 then please come along and bring a plate to share.  In keeping with our groups sustainability theme why not source your food from a local source to minimize the carbon emissions needed to transport it, and try to minimize packaging so that our event is waste free. Bring a picnic rug, your own cutlery, plates/cups and a spare bag or two, so that we can take away all waste (hopefully there won’t be much!) to be recycled/composted/disposed or responsibly (and to take home your eating utensils to wash them….) 

If you need help finding us contact project officer Julia Collin on 0401590789.


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