Sustainable Living, Climate Change in the Media

Wow. You can certainly see the momentum shift on climate change in Australia – and the resultant focus on ‘living sustainably’ in various forms of media related to reducing our energy use, water use, carbon emissions, paying attention to the food we eat … What was pretty much ‘fringe’ 12 months ago is now ‘mainstream’! That gives me hope that we will see further rapid shifts over the next decade and avoid some of the more extreme impacts of global warming and achieve communities that are much more sustainable than they are now!

So here are some things I’ve seen and been reading in the media.  I’ll add some of the resources to the ‘Take Action’ and ‘Links’ section as well.

Girlfriend magazine – one of the last places I would have expected to see anything, but the latest edition (probably the January or February 2007 one) had two things grab my attention: 1. its printed on 100% recycled paper; 2. its feature / cover article is ‘Save the World’ and has things like “Petition the PM” and “Measure your Impact” on the front cover! I know its minor, but it’s a start, and hopefully gives us more leverage to involve their readers in more action in the future.

Who magazine – has a ‘sustainable living’ section in it each edition, and seemingly has done so since the climate change issue got traction with ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Better Homes & Gardens – had a big write up on the ecological footprint in its February 2007 edition. It includes a challenge – which is seemingly monthly – to all its readers to reduce their footprint and log on to their website and tell them about it. The Feb 07 action is to reduce meat consumption by 150g each (x 300 000 readers). You can go to their website – and click on the “Our Planet” logo to access more info and encourage BHG to give more attention to this issue – and even put it on their TV show! You could even suggest future actions for readers to take. They have other bits and pieces throughout the magazine on reducing water use in the garden and making changes to your home to reduce energy use. Given our homes and gardens contribute so much to our water and energy use – and our carbon emissions – getting this issue on people’s agenda through a mainstream forum like Better Homes & Gardens could really help!

Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend magazine (Feb 10-11 2007) – had an interesting discussion of ‘climate canaries’ as part of their ‘A Beginner’s guide to the Modern World’. As it points out:

“Are canaries really sacrificial lambs? Yes. Millions of underprivileged world citizens are already suffering even though they barely contribute to global warming “the average Nepali’s total annual carbon dioxide emissions are equivalent to your use of an electric kettle for a year). Meanwhile, rich nations squabble about carbon trading and their citizens drive cars to their local gym and stick their washing in the rier because its easier than hanging it on the line.”

The article has alink to for advice on ‘fighting the good fight’.

Have you seen anything of interest, inspirational, or eye catching in the media? Let everyone know in a post or a comment. 


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