Switch On Ten Sunday 4 March

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The mainstream continues its embrace of sustainability and the question of how we should live our lives more sustainably to reduce our footprints and carbon emissions amidst growing acceptance of the negative impact of human-made global warming, water shortages, environmental destruction, etc.

As outlined below, Channel Ten has a prime time TV event focused on understanding our carbon impacts and looking at ways we can reduce our carbon emissions.

It seems it will be presented in a very accessible style – and while not perhaps addressing all the things some of us involved in these issues might like to see – my hope is that it will prove to be a useful tool for many of you, and a good introduction to the uninitiated.

I encourage you to switch on to the National Carbon Test and get your friends and family to watch it with you – and use it as a means for getting more positive change happening in your homes and communities!

And if you watch it and have any comments – let us know here 🙂


COOL AID: The National Carbon Test
  Author: Network Ten | Feb 19, 2007, 14:14


Network Ten, in conjunction with Beyond Productions, today announced a world premiere television event which explores the issues of climate change.

COOL AID: The National Carbon Test will air on Network Ten on Sunday, March 4 at 8.30pm and will consider the devastating effects that excess carbon has had on the planet and consider simple methods all Australians can implement to reduce greenhouse gases.

Hosted by Sandra Sully, COOL AID: The National Carbon Test will feature exclusive interviews with Al Gore, former US vice president and creator of An Inconvenient Truth, and Australian of the Year Tim Flannery, as well as live performances by Toni Collette and The Finish and super-group EVERMORE.

Working closely with Planet Ark, WWF and a raft of scientific organizations including the Institute for Sustainable Futures at Sydney University of Technology and CSIRO, COOL AID: The National Carbon Test delves into the lives of everyday Australians and audits the environmental footprint of five different household types around the country.

Erin McKnaught, Toni Collette, Paul Salmon and Mark Occhilupo and the band Evermore are among the participants audited over a 24-hour period, with the results revealed in front of the live studio audience.

Nova’s Merrick and Rosso will conduct interviews in their inimitable style and humour with Australia’s most respected environmental scientists and offer simple, straightforward recommendations people can implement on a daily basis to reduce the carbon they create.

TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “There is no more pressing issue than climate change, and on this one, we really are all in it together.

“Everyone is looking for advice on what’s occurring and how they can make a difference.

“TEN is excited about joining Australia through COOL AID: The National Carbon Test in taking the first and achievable steps towards change for the better.” You don’t need a cape to save the planet.

COOL AID: The National Carbon Test – Sunday, March 4 at 8.30pm on TEN


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