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Treasurer Peter Costello on Climate Change?

Check out this great skit from Greenpeace and share it with your friends.

Peter Costello’s Budget Speech on Climate Change


Personal / Household Water & Energy Use

So what is your personal or household water and energy use?

My water and electricity bills arrived the other day and I did a bit of analysis and looking around for comparative data. I wrote about it in my blog here:

Essentially, so far in 2007, my personal water use is about 127.5 litres per day, and my electricity use is about 7.5 kw hours per day. Both compare pretty well to Australian and international (developed country) data. I’d like to bring it down further!

What is your use? What are you doing to use less?

ACT otherWISE Project Update – April 2007

After a short Holiday break the project has recommenced with much vigour! In February we ran a workshop with the O’Connor Venturer group, with 7 young people attending. We had facilitation support from Tom, a participant in the November 2006 workshops. This workshop was a great experience, as it provided a different group dynamic, delivering the workshop to an already established youth network with different interests than the group we trained in November last year.

In late March Cameron and myself ran a two session workshop for 20 students in year 10 at Orana high school. Orana have already done a lot of work to make their campus and curriculum more environmentally friendly, so we learnt some new things from them, in addition to having a chance to share sustainable consumption tips!

We have just submitted a grant application for the Healthpact community grants round, hoping to secure funding for the next 3 years to run another 4 workshops every year and maintain action support over that period.

I have also relocated my office, from Community Education and Training in Hackett, to the Conservation Council of South East Region, in Acton. I was in the Cons Council building next to the ANU food co-op for about a month, and then helped to move (again!) to a new temporary location on Childers Street, just up the road. This means my contact details have changed! My postal address is now PO Box 544 Canberra ACT 2601, and my direct phone number is (02) 62293211 (I have voicemail, so please call any time and leave me a message!)

At the moment I am preparing to run an environment forum and an ecological footprint workshop at the Youth InterACT conference this Friday 13th April, as part of the Youth Week celebrations. Jess Fehringer, one of the participants from the November 2006 workshops will be assisting me.

I am also maintaining contact with some of the first workshop group projects. The sustainable sewing group have begun to collect sewing machines and make community links, and develop resources for a website, and the sustainable music group are also working on funding sources. At present, we are working on putting in an application to the Foundation for Young Australians youth change maker grants to get some funds to invest in these collective projects.

Very soon, Cam and myself will be putting in an ACT environment grant application (they were just released last week) for more funding for the project. We will also be developing a proposal to go to the Canberra Business Council and the ACT Chamber of Commerce for private industry support over a 2 or 3 year period. As part of this, we may have to set up ACT otherWISE as an incorporated association.

As you can see there has been lots going on, and still lots more to do! Please do contact me with any questions about the project, to get involved, hook me up with any interested people or groups, teach me things, send me links, and so on!

Julia Collin

Busting Environmental Myths

The new SMH Eco section – launched today (Tuesday 3 April) – has an article addressing 9 common myths about environmental action.

These include myths about recycling, drinking tank water, using solar energy, organics, and others.

Click here to read them.

Letter to ALP for National Climate Change Summit

I posted before about GetUp!’s campaign to have people write to the Labor Party ahead of their Climate Change Summit held on 31 March 2007 in Canberra.

If you want to read my letter – and use it to send your own letter to your local MPs of whoever – you can find it here.

It has already got a few comments. I’m waiting on a response from Annette Ellis at the moment.

Be sure to tell me what you think and any actions you’ve taken.


Sydney Morning Herald Environment Section

Hi all

Check out the Environment section online of the Sydney Morning Herald for lots of articles, video and photos related to sustainability, the environment, global warming, carbon emissions, etc.

There are many articles there today following up Earth Hour on Saturday night, including pictures and video of they Sydney CBD turning off.