Personal / Household Water & Energy Use

So what is your personal or household water and energy use?

My water and electricity bills arrived the other day and I did a bit of analysis and looking around for comparative data. I wrote about it in my blog here:

Essentially, so far in 2007, my personal water use is about 127.5 litres per day, and my electricity use is about 7.5 kw hours per day. Both compare pretty well to Australian and international (developed country) data. I’d like to bring it down further!

What is your use? What are you doing to use less?


2 responses to “Personal / Household Water & Energy Use

  1. Hwy Cam,

    My share house just got our latest electricity bill, and I am pretty impressed with the results. Our use was 455kwhs over 88 days which averages out to under 5.2 kwhs a day!

    This is between four people so I think we are doing pretty well. This figure doesn’t account for hot water heating and cooking (instantaneous gas for both), but it is still pretty acceptable, especially when you compare it to the consumption in the same period in the year before by different housemates, which was over 18 kwhs a day for the same amount of people.

    Our new consumption levels are less than a third of that, and when we sign up to Greenchoice (we will do Greenchoice 10, so that we are buying more renewably sourced electricity than we need), we will be sitting pretty!

    Not sure about the gas and water, I will get back to you on that!


  2. wow that is great news šŸ˜› puts tam’s and my 15 kw hrs for 2 of us!!!

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