Responding to the Great Climate Change Swindle Doco

If you are looking for resources and information to assist you in challenging matters raised in the Great Climate Change Swindle, aired on ABC tv this week, then here are some good places to start:

  • A comprehensive response was put together by the Australian Science Media Centre in the lead up to the film’s Australian airing. Entitled ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle: Scientists Respond’ the website includes personal comment, general rebukes and has a host of links to other relevant websites:
  • The so-called ‘scientific data’ presented in the film is widely discredited, with the film-makers even admitting that some of the data was altered to support their claims. A detailed critique is provided by David Jones, Andrew Watkins, Karl Braganza and Michael Coughlan from the UK’s National Climate Centre and Bureau of Meteorology. See:
  • George Monbiot provided significant critique in an article in the Guardian in March this year:,,2032575,00.html
  • Carl Wunsch, a leading US climate scientist who appeared in the program under false pretenses has had his views presented in an article in the Guardian newspaper. He believes that the film was ‘grossly distorted’ and ‘as close to pure propaganda as anything since World War Two’, and is contemplating legal action over his appearance in the show:,,2031455,00.html
  • Martin Durkin, the film-maker himself, has appeared before the Independent Television Commission in the UK in the past for misleading the public:,,2032575,00.html

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