Change the World in 5 Minutes

From: Heidi Lenffer [mailto:Heidi.Lenffer@]

I’m contacting you about a new project called Change the World in 5 Minutes, which is aimed at people who want to do just that!

Change the World ( will feature nine short films based on the book ‘Change the World for 10 Bucks’, all aimed at inspiring a global conversation for change.

And we’d like your help.

We’re building an online community of people with ideas who want to make a change for the good.

Visitors can create profile pages and engage and interact with other users by uploading photos and videos, sharing “good news” articles, playing games and quizzes, as well as rating content that other people publish.

It could be an invention, an idea or a flash-mob for global change, plus we’ve got a $3000 ethical investment portfolio to give away for someone to really put their money where their (ethical) mouth is. The competition is only open to Australians and ends in 3 weeks, so i hope you can encourage people to get involved!


Heidi Lenffer

Change the World


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