ACT otherWISE – Energy Workshop


An opportunity for members of the ACT otherWISE network.

This is the first of quarterly energy savings workshops to assist members of the ACT otherWISE network reduce their energy consumption in the home environment. Come along and leave equipped with more tools and knowledge, as you take individual and community actions towards a more sustainable ACT.

When: Thursday 8th November

Time: 6pm to 7.30pm

Where: The Conservation Council, 3 Childers Street (next to the Street Theatre)

Our lifestyles rely on energy. Whether it’s enjoying a cold drink, staying warm on a cold winter’s night, taking a hot shower, watching a movie…. So many of the activities we enjoy require energy. Recently we have come to realise that the way we generate this energy is really important. In Australia, most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. These in turn are contributing the climate change, which is already having major impacts on the environment-both natural and human built.

So, what to do? The workshop will provide information on how people typically use energy in the domestic setting and explore possible responses that we can take to have a positive effect on the climate change crisis.

Facilitated by Peter Miller from the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT). HEAT is an ACT government funded service for all Canberra and area residents designed to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Come along and learn simple things you can do at home to use less energy and save money.

We have limited spaces so please RSVP by 1st of November to.

Rachael Millsom

Project Officer


(02) 6229 3211


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