Want to Work for ACT otherWISE in Canberra?

Support Project officer – ACT otherWISE

An exciting opportunity exists to join the peak environment group in Canberra. We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated person to work on the ACT otherWISE project. ACT otherWISE is an innovative community development initiative to train, network and support young people in the ACT to work towards a more sustainable community through individual lifestyle actions and community projects. For more information see https://ozotherwise.wordpress.com.

As the support project officer, you will assist the project officer in organising and running training workshops; developing training materials; providing follow up support to young people as they take action in their own lives and in the community; and coordinating a community coalition and emergent peer network in the region. In addition you will be involved in publishing a booklet on how young people in the ACT are living and acting otherWISE and organising a World Environment Day celebration for June 2008.

Download the position description (PDF)

Applications are due COB Thursday 3 January 2008.

For further information about this position please contact Rachael Millsom, the Project Officer, in November and January on 6229 3211 or Cameron Neil on 0402 072 452 during December.


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