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Manningham Youth Leaders Workshop!

Manningham Council is keen to hear from any budding young local environmentalists to take part in Youth Leaders for a Greener Wedge!

The Youth Leaders for a Greener Wedge program will run the otherWISE workshop on the weekend of the 23 – 24 February 2008. Environmental projects will be run through 2008!

If you are interested please contact Beth at


pt4me2 for a change: Faster Greener Sooner

Manningham is one of the only municipalities in Melbourne without any train or tram services! 

Manningham City Council and local residents are campaigning for a rail service to connect Manningham with an adequate public transport system! Doncaster rail will reduce traffic congestion and make journeys into the city much quicker, while also minimising wear-and-tear on roads in a number of Manningham suburbs. This result can clearly lessen carbon dioxide emissions from roads and improve the air quality around our family-centered neighborhood.

Three quick and easy ways to show you support a rail line to Doncaster

  • SMS YES to 0428 pt4 me2
  • Join our online petition
  • Have your say on the pt4me2 blog

Introducing: Beth Dunlop

Hi, I’m Beth Dunlop, the new Project Officer for the Youth Leaders for a Greener Wedge Program.  Here’s a little bit of information about me: 

  • I recently graduated from a Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) RMIT University.
  • Last year a friend and I started a sustainable fashion distribution company- Wallflower Clothing.
  • The days that I’m not at Manningham I work for Diabetes Camps Victoria as the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • I have also worked in Youth Leadership roles within the YMCA including a Senior Leader for the Camping Adventure Program, School Holiday Program, and as an Aquatic Education Officer. And was the Community Development Officer, Access for All Abilities for the City of Melbourne and the YMCA.
  • In 2006 I was lucky enough to represent Australia at the South East Asian UXO – Mine Action Youth Leadership Workshop in Laos PDR
  • I also enjoy hiking, swimming, bushwalking, rock climbing, travelling, hanging out with friends, and dancing.

I am very excited to be working on this project as I am very passionate about sustainability issues and I look forward to working with like minded people! 

What’s planned for Youth Leaders for a Greener Wedge:

  • We are running Facilitator Training on Monday the 10th December 2007
  • The Youth Workshop will be held on the 23 – 24 February 2008
  • There will be regular catch ups for all participants in the Youth Leaders for a Greener Wedge throughout 2008.

I look forward to meeting with you all and discussing the exciting opportunities of the Youth Leaders for a Greener Wedge Program. I’m in at Manningham on Mondays and Tuesdays. Feel free to contact me on

Take Care

Ideas & Action Plans from ACT otherWISE Workshop

To make Canberra more sustainable:

Transport: – car free lane, get people on bikes; less parking in the city for cars; less cars, increase sustainable transport; air travel ‘budgets’ for gov’t and business; better bike lanes; faster changing lights for bikes; free bike checks; economic incentives for sustainable living and vice versa.

Purchasing / Food: – encourage vegetarianism; more community gardens; roof top gardens on high-rise; encourage more local growers markets.
Water: – No sprinklers on at ANU during the day, grey water systems, compulsory rainwater tanks for new houses; ban use of tap water on gardens.

Community Building: – encourage retrofitting of houses; better designed developments / blocks for natural heating and cooling; community oriented designed developments; encourage sharing of things / stuff eg lawn mowers within communities.

Energy: – mandatory solar energy; more bike friendly policies / rules; more stringent restrictions on new houses eg solar; audit energy use by Government Departments and change; zero emissions targets for government departments; improve bus service; energy rating / education for all appliances; encourage using more energy efficient appliances; not change extra for green power; tax carbon emissions to make green power cheaper; solar street lights; solar energy tariffs improved; turn off lights at night in unused buildings; charge the true cost of fossil fuel energy; better initiatives for reducing energy use; compulsory solar hot water heaters for new houses.

Other – stop logging of old growth forests; make recycling and composting mandatory / have incentives eg free waste removal of you recycle; infect media with the idea that over consumption is NOT SEXY

Personal Actions:

  • Cameron: HEAT audit @ home; speak at Gungahlin Sustainability Fair on a Green Xmas; plant fruit trees and a veggie patch
  • Rachael: put clean comfort on bedroom windows; put cardboard strips along the top of curtains.
  • Serena: Use Garden safe dishwashing and laundry liquids; shop at farmers markets; fit efficient shower heads and light globes.
  • Millie: install a water efficient shower head;
  • Esther: Bike Ride to work, go on green energy
  • Louise: plant a  veggie garden; go to youth lead, organise a cultural exchange
  • Clare: sustain myself by Yoga etc; offset my flight emissions
  • Julia: ride everywhere; go to markets and food co-op
  • James: ride a bike more, car pool where possible, reduce length of showers
  • Jasmine: – shop at second hand clothes stores; plant veggie / herb garden


  • Guide for renting sustainably
  • Create posters to promote ACT otherWISE workshops
  • Green Kulture Tent @ Corinbank
  • Corinbank Resource Rescue Team
  • “Save water – don’t masturbate” campaign on uni campus
  • Collect wine casks for Derek’s roof (insulation)
  • Green Film night
  • Facilitate Living Smart Program in Canberra
  • Eco-songwriting workshop for young musicians
  • Set up a community garden with vegetables and indigenous plants
  • Start up sustainable schools initiative at Narrabundah and other schools
  • Promote energy efficiency  / green design for new homes
  • Speak to local supermarkets about introducing more sustainable products
  • Set up a green group at work
  • Set up a bicycle taxi between civic and Barton

Clothing Exchange & MySpace

Kate (Pears) ramps up her fantastic ethical fashion initiative in a partnership with MySpace!

Check it out.