Ideas & Action Plans from ACT otherWISE Workshop

To make Canberra more sustainable:

Transport: – car free lane, get people on bikes; less parking in the city for cars; less cars, increase sustainable transport; air travel ‘budgets’ for gov’t and business; better bike lanes; faster changing lights for bikes; free bike checks; economic incentives for sustainable living and vice versa.

Purchasing / Food: – encourage vegetarianism; more community gardens; roof top gardens on high-rise; encourage more local growers markets.
Water: – No sprinklers on at ANU during the day, grey water systems, compulsory rainwater tanks for new houses; ban use of tap water on gardens.

Community Building: – encourage retrofitting of houses; better designed developments / blocks for natural heating and cooling; community oriented designed developments; encourage sharing of things / stuff eg lawn mowers within communities.

Energy: – mandatory solar energy; more bike friendly policies / rules; more stringent restrictions on new houses eg solar; audit energy use by Government Departments and change; zero emissions targets for government departments; improve bus service; energy rating / education for all appliances; encourage using more energy efficient appliances; not change extra for green power; tax carbon emissions to make green power cheaper; solar street lights; solar energy tariffs improved; turn off lights at night in unused buildings; charge the true cost of fossil fuel energy; better initiatives for reducing energy use; compulsory solar hot water heaters for new houses.

Other – stop logging of old growth forests; make recycling and composting mandatory / have incentives eg free waste removal of you recycle; infect media with the idea that over consumption is NOT SEXY

Personal Actions:

  • Cameron: HEAT audit @ home; speak at Gungahlin Sustainability Fair on a Green Xmas; plant fruit trees and a veggie patch
  • Rachael: put clean comfort on bedroom windows; put cardboard strips along the top of curtains.
  • Serena: Use Garden safe dishwashing and laundry liquids; shop at farmers markets; fit efficient shower heads and light globes.
  • Millie: install a water efficient shower head;
  • Esther: Bike Ride to work, go on green energy
  • Louise: plant a  veggie garden; go to youth lead, organise a cultural exchange
  • Clare: sustain myself by Yoga etc; offset my flight emissions
  • Julia: ride everywhere; go to markets and food co-op
  • James: ride a bike more, car pool where possible, reduce length of showers
  • Jasmine: – shop at second hand clothes stores; plant veggie / herb garden


  • Guide for renting sustainably
  • Create posters to promote ACT otherWISE workshops
  • Green Kulture Tent @ Corinbank
  • Corinbank Resource Rescue Team
  • “Save water – don’t masturbate” campaign on uni campus
  • Collect wine casks for Derek’s roof (insulation)
  • Green Film night
  • Facilitate Living Smart Program in Canberra
  • Eco-songwriting workshop for young musicians
  • Set up a community garden with vegetables and indigenous plants
  • Start up sustainable schools initiative at Narrabundah and other schools
  • Promote energy efficiency  / green design for new homes
  • Speak to local supermarkets about introducing more sustainable products
  • Set up a green group at work
  • Set up a bicycle taxi between civic and Barton

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