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Eureka Prize for Young Eco Leaders – Apply b4 2 May 08

Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Young Leaders in Environmental Issues and Climate Change

Entries and nominations are now invited for the Young Leaders in Environmental Issues and Climate Change prize, one of 20 prizes on offer in this year’s competition and one of only two in the category of Science Leadership.

Sponsored by the British Council, the Eureka Prize for Young Leaders in Environmental Issues and Climate Change is awarded to a young Australian aged 21 – 30 for scientific or technological leadership in responding to the challenges that threaten our environment and our climate.

The prize is intended to benefit outstanding young people who have demonstrated:
* scientific or technological leadership which aims to improve the environment or reduce the impact of climate change, and
* the potential to accelerate quickly into leadership positions in fields relevant to this prize.

The winner will receive a $10,000 study tour to the United Kingdom, organised by the British Council.

Entries CLOSE 2 May 2008

For further information on the prize, judging criteria, and how to enter, go to or email

Activity entered for this prize must have been undertaken in Australia by an Australian resident between the ages of 21 and 30 at the time of the closing date of entries.


ACT otherWISE – Energy Workshop


An opportunity for members of the ACT otherWISE network.

This is the first of quarterly energy savings workshops to assist members of the ACT otherWISE network reduce their energy consumption in the home environment. Come along and leave equipped with more tools and knowledge, as you take individual and community actions towards a more sustainable ACT.

When: Thursday 8th November

Time: 6pm to 7.30pm

Where: The Conservation Council, 3 Childers Street (next to the Street Theatre)

Our lifestyles rely on energy. Whether it’s enjoying a cold drink, staying warm on a cold winter’s night, taking a hot shower, watching a movie…. So many of the activities we enjoy require energy. Recently we have come to realise that the way we generate this energy is really important. In Australia, most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. These in turn are contributing the climate change, which is already having major impacts on the environment-both natural and human built.

So, what to do? The workshop will provide information on how people typically use energy in the domestic setting and explore possible responses that we can take to have a positive effect on the climate change crisis.

Facilitated by Peter Miller from the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT). HEAT is an ACT government funded service for all Canberra and area residents designed to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Come along and learn simple things you can do at home to use less energy and save money.

We have limited spaces so please RSVP by 1st of November to.

Rachael Millsom

Project Officer


(02) 6229 3211

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz (, and then learn how Footprint research is done via a free, university-level educational web module, “Assessing Energy’s Footprint and Carbon Emissions.” It’s available at

Responding to the Great Climate Change Swindle Doco

If you are looking for resources and information to assist you in challenging matters raised in the Great Climate Change Swindle, aired on ABC tv this week, then here are some good places to start:

  • A comprehensive response was put together by the Australian Science Media Centre in the lead up to the film’s Australian airing. Entitled ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle: Scientists Respond’ the website includes personal comment, general rebukes and has a host of links to other relevant websites:
  • The so-called ‘scientific data’ presented in the film is widely discredited, with the film-makers even admitting that some of the data was altered to support their claims. A detailed critique is provided by David Jones, Andrew Watkins, Karl Braganza and Michael Coughlan from the UK’s National Climate Centre and Bureau of Meteorology. See:
  • George Monbiot provided significant critique in an article in the Guardian in March this year:,,2032575,00.html
  • Carl Wunsch, a leading US climate scientist who appeared in the program under false pretenses has had his views presented in an article in the Guardian newspaper. He believes that the film was ‘grossly distorted’ and ‘as close to pure propaganda as anything since World War Two’, and is contemplating legal action over his appearance in the show:,,2031455,00.html
  • Martin Durkin, the film-maker himself, has appeared before the Independent Television Commission in the UK in the past for misleading the public:,,2032575,00.html

Treasurer Peter Costello on Climate Change?

Check out this great skit from Greenpeace and share it with your friends.

Peter Costello’s Budget Speech on Climate Change

Letter to ALP for National Climate Change Summit

I posted before about GetUp!’s campaign to have people write to the Labor Party ahead of their Climate Change Summit held on 31 March 2007 in Canberra.

If you want to read my letter – and use it to send your own letter to your local MPs of whoever – you can find it here.

It has already got a few comments. I’m waiting on a response from Annette Ellis at the moment.

Be sure to tell me what you think and any actions you’ve taken.


Get Heard By Labor on Climate Change!

GetUp! is running a campaign to have your voice heard at the National Climate Change Summit being organised by Federal Labor leader Kevin Rudd in Canberra on Saturday 31 March.

Click on the link below to send in your proposals to your Labor MP or Senator about the climate future you want, the actions you want to see taken, your ideas for combating global warming and creating a more sustainable future.