The Project

Who is OTHERWISE? Where did it come from?

OTHERWISE is a project of the International Young Professionals Foundation, RMIT University, and increasing number of individual and community partners and investors.

It has grown out of research for the National Youth Affairs Research Scheme, an Australian Commonwealth and State & Territory Government initiative, that produced a report entitled Sustainable Consumption: Young Australians as Agents of Change.

Now, IYPF, RMIT University, an Australian Working Group, and are working collaboratively with communities and young Australians to run the OTHERWISE project around the country.

View our otherWISE project brochure here (Sept 07)

Join our Facebook network here.

If you are interested in OTHERWISE happening in your community, you can contact us via youth [dot] sc [at] iypf [dot] org (replace the dots and ats with actual dots and ats :P) or leave a comment below.

Here is some more information on the project

Presentation on the background to the OTHERWISE Project


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